Cabinet Dryer

Chamber dryer is a typical equipment often used in normal pressure intermittent drying operations. Usually, the small one is called the drying chamber, and the large one is called the drying room. In the drying room of the outer wall, there is a trolley with multi-layer brackets, and a tray is placed on each shelf. Air is introduced from the upper right corner of the room, and the function of the air preheater is to continue to heat the air during the drying process to keep the air at a certain temperature. In order to control the air temperature, part of the moisture-absorbing air can be recycled.


The advantages of the chamber dryer are simple structure, easy manufacture, convenient operation and wide application range. Because the material is in a static state during the drying process, it is especially suitable for brittle materials that are not allowed to be broken. The disadvantages are intermittent operation, long drying time, uneven drying, manual loading and unloading, and high labor intensity. Nevertheless, it is a kind of dryer commonly used by small and medium-sized enterprises.


Chamber dryer is a type of dryer with a cabinet shape. Generally, it is a batch-type atmospheric dryer. The wall of the box body is made of heat-insulating material to reduce heat loss. The dryer is equipped with a frame, and the wet material is placed in a tray on the frame. Fresh air is introduced from the upper side, and after passing through a set of heating pipes, it flows across the frame and flows between and on the plates. When the air temperature drops, it is reheated by another set of heating tubes, and then flows through other frames, repeating this way, and finally returns to the upper side to discharge.



What are the working principles and characteristics of Cabinet Dryer

The working principle and characteristics of the cabinet dryer: The box type dryer is an intermittent drying equipment, which is mainly composed of a box, a shelf, a heater, a fan, an exhaust port, and an air distributor.


The outer wall of the box (drying chamber) has a thermal insulation layer, and some plates are stacked at a certain interval on the shelf, and the food materials to be dried with a thickness of 50-150mm are stored in the plates. Some shelves are installed on the trolley, after the dry materials are placed, the trolley is sent into the box. The fan is used to forcibly suck in clean air and expel moist gas. The drying heat source can be a far-infrared heater installed in the box, or hot air input from outside the box. The circulation path of hot air is called parallel air flow if it is parallel to the shelf. If air flows through the gap of the material on the shelf, it is called through air flow. The air speed of the box dryer is determined by the particle size of the material to be dried, and the material is required not to be carried out by the airflow. The general airflow speed is 1-10m/s.


The box type cabinet dryer is suitable for the drying treatment of high-end extruded pellet feed and pet feed, and can also be used for the drying treatment of granular and flake materials in the grain, food and chemical industries. The equipment has low damage and adopts double-layer crawler conveying to eliminate the damage to the surface of the material. It adopts two-way cross flow method, adjustable spreader, and adding equalizing device to ensure uniform product moisture, drying temperature, and material The residence time in the machine and the thickness of the material layer can be intelligently controlled by the computer. Because 50%-95% of the hot air can be recycled and the heat preservation box is used, energy consumption and production costs are greatly reduced. There is an automatic cleaning mechanism at the bottom. Clean, all manufactured in accordance with international standards, and all plates are cut by laser, to prevent the body from deforming due to manual cutting.

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