Honeycomb Dehumidifier

Rotary honeycomb dehumidifier may be an unfamiliar term to the majority of people, but it is widely used in our lives. So we will get to know it today, but if we want to fully understand it, we must start with its working principle. So how does the rotary honeycomb dehumidifier work?


Rotary honeycomb dehumidifier- Dehumidification principle of honeycomb rotor

1. Use the silica gel coated on the runner to physically adsorb the moisture in the air on the porous synthetic silica gel, and then in the regeneration zone of the runner, the water vapor adsorbed in the silica gel holes is heated and vaporized to exchange At the entrance of the heat exchanger, high-temperature and high-humidity air is formed, and when it passes through the heat exchanger that has been cooled by the indoor cold and humid air, condensed water is discharged due to the difference in dew point.


2. Overview of air dehumidification: If the constant temperature and humidity system is a combined unit, it usually has fresh air cooling and rotor dehumidification sections. When the treated air is cleaned by the fresh air filter, it contacts the surface of the surface cooler in the cold section of the fresh air. Since the surface temperature of the fresh air surface cooler is lower than the temperature of the air, the air is cooled and the temperature is lowered; at the same time, the water in the air The part becomes condensed water and separates out, and is removed by the condensate pipe, the temperature and water content of the air are reduced; after that, the runner is adsorbed and dehumidified to meet the requirements of low humidity; finally, all the air is passed through the rear surface cooler Or the heater controls the temperature, and the blower sends out the process air whose temperature and humidity meet the requirements.


Rotary honeycomb dehumidifier- Dehumidification principle of adsorption rotor:

1. The dehumidification wheel is divided into a treatment area and a regeneration area by a sealing system inside the dehumidification section. The dehumidification wheel rotates slowly at a speed of 8-10 revolutions per hour to ensure that the entire dehumidification is a continuous process. When the treated air passes through the treatment area of the runner, the water vapor in the runner is absorbed by the hygroscopic medium in the runner, and the water vapor undergoes a phase change at the same time and releases latent heat. The runner gradually tends to absorb a certain amount of moisture. saturation;


2. At this time, the water content of the processed air is reduced and the latent heat is released to become dry and hot air. At the same time, in the regeneration zone, another way of air passes through the regeneration heater first, and then becomes high temperature air (generally 100-140 degrees) and passes through the moisture-absorbing saturated runner to evaporate the adsorbed water in the runner. , Thereby restoring the dehumidification capacity of the runner;


3. At the same time, the regenerated air becomes moist air due to the evaporation of water; after that, the moist air is discharged to the outdoors through the regeneration fan.


Rotary honeycomb dehumidifiers have now been used in many places. We are buying rotary honeycomb dehumidifiers to understand its quality, brand, technical performance, product configuration, and buy our favorite products. Rotary honeycomb dehumidifiers Now we have temperature and humidity control technology, which is widely used in our lives.

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