Hopper Dryer

The plastic hopper dryer is the most effective and economical model for drying plastic raw materials. It can dry raw materials that are wet due to packaging, transportation or recycling. The hopper is made of stainless steel, with the functions of "blowing down hot air" and "cyclone exhaust" as well as a double-layer insulation barrel, which is especially suitable for drying engineering plastic materials with a dehumidifier.


Principle of Hopper Dryer:

The air blown by the drying fan becomes high-temperature dry air after drying and electric heating. Through the unique design of the lower blower pipe, the hot air is evenly dispersed in the insulation barrel to dry the raw materials; the hot air recovery device is optional, and the air blown out is filtered and then dried. The wind blows out, forming a closed loop.


Characteristics of Hopper Dryer:

1. The raw material contact surface is all stainless steel design;

2. Precision die-cast aluminum housing, smooth surface, good heat preservation performance;

3. Silent fan, optional air filter to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials;

4. Both the barrel body and the machine base are equipped with viewing windows, which can directly observe the internal raw materials;

5. Electric heating simple curved design to avoid burning caused by the accumulation of raw material powder at the bottom of the cylinder;

6. The proportional deviation indicating temperature controller is used to accurately control the temperature.

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