What should be paid attention to before installation of industrial refrigerating unit?


Before the installation of industrial water chiller, the environment and water chiller should be checked to avoid a series of problems resulting from the subsequent installation, commissioning and use because the preparation before installation is not in place.

The following kaideli chiller xiaobian will introduce to friends in the industry, which is divided into two aspects to prepare and check.

First, the preparation work before the installation of the chiller
1. Clean the installation site of the refrigerating unit
2. When the unit is installed in place, the levelness of the unit must be ensured
3. Prepare the external conditions (water, electricity, mounting holes, and pipe fixers) for the unit installation.
4. The installation of the unit must ensure the width of the surrounding space

To ensure the normal external heat dissipation of the unit (it is recommended that the unit is unobstructed within the perimeter of 1.2 meters). If it must be installed indoors, install an exhaust fan larger than the unit's heat dissipation capacity to ensure the unit's external heat dissipation.
After doing basic environmental checks and preparations, the necessary conditions for unit installation must be met.

Second, the installation of the unit must be a condition
1. The power supply of the unit is three-phase five-wire system of 380V50HZ (three-wire system of 220v50HZ for small models).
2. The cooling water pipe of the unit is the fixed pipe diameter of the standard water circulation of the unit. Due to the restrictions of the service conditions on the site, the main cooling pipe can be configured under the condition of meeting the minimum water flow of the unit, but the pipeline resistance must be calculated seriously, and the reasonable configuration of the cooling pump system.
3. The chilled water pipe of the unit is the fixed pipe diameter of the standard water circulation of the unit.

Site due to the restrictions of the use conditions, can meet the minimum water flow of the unit, the configuration of refrigeration pipe main road, but must be careful calculation of pipeline resistance, and reasonable configuration of cooling water pump system.

When the integrated refrigerating unit (the unit equipped with water tank and pump before delivery) is connected to the pipeline on the site, if the site condition cannot be connected to the standard interface of the unit, the bypass valve must be connected at the inlet and outlet of the unit (as shown in Figure 1), in order to meet the water flow requirements of the unit during normal operation.

The bypass valve is recommended to be consistent with the inlet and outlet water diameter of the unit. If the field diameter ratio is not large, the bypass valve can be appropriately reduced but must meet the water circulation of the unit.

When the use of equipment with water automatic switch valve, the unit bypass valve opening must meet in the use of equipment automatic switch valve closed, the amount of water flow also meet the minimum water flow requirements of the unit operation conditions.
Chiller is an important equipment in industrial production, once the installation is fixed, the latter will rarely be diverted, so industry friends must pay attention to pipe installation before installation, especially for water-cooled refrigeration unit, and cooling pipe connected to the outdoor cooling tower, its installation position and levelness should be designed in advance.