How to buy a granulator for their own?


Plastic products with its light quality, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to process and other excellent properties, in the industrial and agricultural production and life in all fields play an important role. But with the wide application of plastic products, waste plastic disposal has become a difficult problem, among which "difficult to natural degradation problem" has become a global environmental pollution to be solved.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's plastic industry, plastic granulator industry can also develop rapidly. The granulator can make the recycled plastic products into plastic particles through various processes to achieve the effect of plastic reuse. Pelletizing machine industry involves many fields of national economy, not only is a large number of industrial and agricultural products indispensable basic production links, but also plays an important role in solving plastic pollution in China, improving the recycling rate of plastic products, and establishing and improving the plastic recycling system.

For recycled plastic enterprises, how to choose a granulator suitable for their own use is very important, because a plastic granulator because of plastic plasticization and extrusion pressure, can not make all the plastic. General pelleting machine can be recycled in daily life of plastic granulation, but like some special plastics, such as engineering plastics, cross-linked poly, spinning cloth, etc., need special pelleting machine for recycling granulation. Therefore, manufacturers in the purchase of pelletizing machine must pay attention to their need to recycle the type of pelletizing plastic, and then choose the appropriate pelletizing machine.

In addition, when choosing granulator, also need to pay attention to the following points:

Clear purchase granulator purpose and use. At present, the market to buy granulator customers roughly three types, are individual or private enterprise investment and entrepreneurship, plastic production enterprises to buy granulator to solve the problem of their own factory production of products, there is dealers, traders. For individual or private enterprise customers in the purchase of granulator, must be clear about the type of plastic produced by the enterprise. The general pelletizer can only recycle and produce general plastics mainly PP and PE, which is also a common plastic raw material in the plastic market. PS foam plastic material market is relatively small, if there is a clear sales channel for special plastic, users can also buy the corresponding granulator.

Performance of granulator. Pelletizing machine according to the number of screw can be divided into single screw pelletizing machine and twin screw pelletizing machine, single screw pelletizing machine work, plastic in the cylinder is a spiral forward transportation. When the twin screw granulator is working, the plastic is transported in a straight line in the barrel. According to the working principle, twin screw machine in the shutdown, the machine memory material can be basically empty, single screw opportunity to save a small amount of surplus material, most plastic granulation, single and twin screw are not differentiated to use.

However, when doing the recycling of plastic, because the net mold surface is larger, the feeding is easier, the single screw machine is better; Do modified plastics, color masterbatch, color mixing grain, two kinds of machine effect is equal; Do extended glass fiber, crosslinked Marine cable material, can only use twin screw granulator. And, in the procurement cost of machinery and later production costs, single screw pelletizing opportunity is much lower, twin screw pelletizing machine is at a significant disadvantage. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you need to select the corresponding equipment according to the different products made by the enterprise.
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