What is the granulation process of the plastic granulator?


The plastic granulator is a kind of plastic granulating equipment suitable for waste silk, waste film, waste woven bags, waste plastic bottles, waste plastic barrels, plates, and crushed materials.

1 Conveyor belt feeder---convey the material to be crushed to the plastic crusher 

2 Plastic crusher --- Through crushing, water washing, preliminary processing of materials 

3 Two-step friction cleaning conveyor---strong friction cleaning for broken materials 

4 Rinse tank 1-Rinse waste plastic scraps to remove sediment and impurities 

5 Conveyor---convey the cleaned material in the washing tank of the next link 

6 Rinsing tank 2-Rinse the waste plastic scraps again 

7 Spin-drying feeder---dehydrate and spin-dry the cleaned materials 

8 Mobile silo---used to store waste woven bag materials after drying 

9 Automatic feeder---automatically feed the material to be pelletized into the forced feeder 

10 Forced feeding machine---feed the materials into the main plastic granulator evenly and orderly 

11 The main and auxiliary machines of the plastic granulator---realize the granulation and extrusion process 

12 Stainless steel cooling water tank --- cooling the plastic strip extruded from the die 

13 Hob-type pelletizer --- Through frequency conversion control, the size of the particles can be controlled 

14 Storage bin---Inhale the particles into the storage bin through the induced draft fan, waiting for bagging and packing 

15 Electric control box---a complete set of equipment electric control system, heating control system 16 The process is completed, the degree of automation is high, only 2-3 technicians can complete the operation