Slow Speed Granulator

Aumax AMG-E Series slow speed granulator are mainly used to grind plastic sprues and mold runner leftover materials. The machine is one of auxiliary equipment for injection molding machine. This plastic grinder can crush all soft and hard plastic materials in a very slow speed to reduce the powder in the grinded materials and noise of machine running in the workshop.



Low speed plastic granulator machine adopts pineapple type knives, and the machine is without screen sieve. The screenless beside the press granulator can get the result particle size around 6-8mm. The blower system can convey the crushed particles into injection molding machine instantly to save time and manpower.


Aumax Plast is a high-tech enterprise which specialized in manufacturing, design, sales, service and solutions for plastic recycling machine and auxiliary equipment for injection molding machine. Ningbo Aumax Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Is located in Ningbo city, Zhejiang Provice, China.

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