Water Cooling Tower

What is the use of water cooling tower?

Cooling tower: It is a device that cools the water that needs to be recycled.


The waste heat generated in industrial production or refrigeration process is generally conducted away with cooling water. A certain amount of water is drawn from natural water bodies such as rivers, rivers, lakes, and seas as cooling water. The cooling process equipment absorbs waste heat to increase the water temperature and then discharges it into rivers, rivers, lakes, and seas. This cooling method is called direct-flow cooling. . When the DC cooling conditions are not available, a cooling tower is needed to cool. The role of the cooling tower is to carry out heat exchange between the cooling water that entrains waste heat and the air in the tower, so that the waste heat is transferred to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere.



By exchanging the heat and mass of hot water and air, the heat is discharged into the atmosphere, so that the cold is cooled, and the cooled water enters the equipment that needs to discharge heat again, and then is sent back to the cooling tower after being heated. Cool down.


The cooling tower also exchanges heat with the air in the cooling water that entrains heat, so that the heat is transferred to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere. One of the heat exchange methods between water and air in the cooling tower is that the air flowing over the surface of the water is in direct contact with the water, and the heat in the water is transferred to the air through contact heat transfer and evaporation. Cooling in this way is called a wet cooling tower. The wet cooling tower has high heat exchange efficiency, and the limit temperature at which water is cooled is the wet bulb temperature of the air. However, water is lost due to evaporation; evaporation increases the salinity of the circulating cooling water. In order to stabilize the water quality, part of the water with higher salinity must be drained; wind blowing can also cause water loss. There must be enough new water to be continuously replenished. Therefore, the wet cooling tower needs a water source for supplying water.


In water-deficient areas, when it is difficult to supplement water, only dry cooling towers can be used. The heat exchange between air and water in the dry cooling tower is to transfer heat through the surface of the radiator composed of metal pipes, and transfer the heat of the water in the pipe to the air flowing outside the radiator. The heat exchange efficiency of dry cooling towers is lower than that of wet cooling towers, and the limit temperature of cooling is the dry bulb temperature of the air. The one-time investment of these devices is large, and the fan consumes a lot of energy.




Where is the cooling tower used?

The process of cooling water in a cooling tower is a process of heat and mass transfer. The cooled water is distributed to the filler inside the cooling tower with nozzles, water distributors or water distribution plates, which greatly increases the contact area between water and air. The air is circulated by the induced effect of a fan, forced air flow, natural wind or jet.


Cooling towers are mainly used in air conditioning cooling systems, refrigeration series, injection molding, tanning, foaming, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum profile processing, air compressors, industrial water cooling and other fields. The most applications are air conditioning cooling, refrigeration, and plastic chemical industries. . The specific division is as follows:


A. Air temperature adjustment category: air conditioning equipment, cold storage, cold storage room, freezing, heating and cooling air conditioning, etc.;


B. Manufacturing and processing: food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal casting, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, steel plant, chemical industry, petrochemical products, etc.;


C. Mechanical operation cooling category: generators, steam turbines, air compressors, oil compressors, engines, etc.;


D. Other industries.

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