Application of plastic crusher


lastic crusher uses:

Claw knife type plastic crusher used in the injection molding industry, mainly crushing all kinds of soft and hard plastics, block, ball, flake and strip plastic into granular recycling, greatly improve the utilization rate of plastic.

Discharge size: broken particles can be determined according to the size of the screen aperture, the standard screen aperture is 8-10mm. The minimum non-standard screen aperture can be customized 4mm, 4mm above can be customized according to requirements.

Plastic crusher main functions:

1. The blade type knife structure is between the claw knife and the flat knife. Is known as the general knife crusher.

2. Suitable for crushing ordinary nozzle, sheet, pipe, profile, plate and packaging materials and other plastic products, gate.

3. Reasonable knife design, high grain uniformity, less dust, fast speed.

4. General-purpose plastic crusher, with sealed bearing, make the bearing rotate for a long time to keep good.

5. Knife holder heat shrinkable processing, the appearance design is beautiful and generous.

6. The whole machine is equipped with electronic control safety design, hopper using double-layer structure, filled with sound insulation material, motor with overload protection device, power chain protection system, so that the equipment has good safety and environmental protection, electricity saving and durable.